The Arum ring - a unique piece...

The Arum ring - a unique piece...

In 2013, we have had two exceptional emeralds coming from Zambia.

They were both natural and accompanied by a gemological report with special mention.
We took few months to think about what kind of design would be best with those emeralds.
We wanted a design that was inspired by plants universe, that was pure and strong at the same time.

The Arum ring has been entirely crafted by hand, and perfectly reflect our expertise in manufacturing techniques and in quality of the stones used.

Inédit's design, emeralds of 3,15 carats

The exceptional quality of this emerald made this ring a unique piece. It's accompanied by a gemological report with a special note, edited by the CGL Laboratory.

Specialized exclusively in natural stones, unheated and untreated, all our creations set with precious stones are delivered with a gemological report of an internationally recognized laboratory and with a certificate of authenticity to clarify indisputably the origin and the nature of the stones presented.